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September 16, 2016
Volume 2: Issue 9

The Definitive Word on...
the Los Angeles Rams

I have the definitive word on the Los Angeles Rams. It's also the obvious one, but no one is seeing it.

While everyone was ecstatic about the Rams coming to back to Los Angeles, they lost sight of one very important detail...

It was the Rams.

Not the Patriots. Not the Seahawks. Not the Broncos. The formally St. Louis Rams.

You may know them as the team who, in the last five seasons, went 2-14, 7-8-1, 7-9, 6-10, 7-9.

The only reason they were on a nationally-televised game was because it was the first game of the Los Angeles Rams. If there were still the St. Louis Rams, this game would have been on Sunday afternoon as the late game on regional coverage on FOX (because we know they love to tack on the label "America's Game of the Week" onto whichever NFC East team is playing late and giving them the national coverage).

As an aside, it was super-smart to give them a prime-time game in Santa Clara, because going to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum at night would be quite the adventure for everyone involved.

They made the splashy #1 pick on a QB out of a west coast school (Jared Goff out of Cal... or UC Berkeley for us locals), and then didn't even dress him, let alone play him. To be fair, playing him would NOT have mattered and would have actually damaged his development.

I was a long time Rams fan until they moved to St. Louis (though I did cheer their Super Bowl win there), and I will gladly root for them now. However, in order to have that shared experience with my in-laws, I also became a Buffalo Bills fan. Now based on first-hand accounts of the constant hope and despair that western New Yorkers feel for their beloved Bills, I have a better insight on the current Los Angeles Rams situation. And that brings me to the definitive word on the Rams...

"Everyone, cool your jets, and calm the hell down."

The Rams are going to suck for at least three years. They still play in a division with teams that, within the last five years, either...
A) Won the Super Bowl (Seattle)
B) Played in a Super Bowl (San Francisco)
C) Played in a Conference Championship game (Arizona)

I say three years because the Rams are still rebuilding. Sure, they can pull off a surprise win here or there, but the Rams need help across the field... even at QB. Sure, Goff may develop into one hell of a player; but right now, from what is being reported in the media, if Goff couldn't play his way into the starter job, and Case Keenum is your best option, don't hold your breath waiting for a winning season.

I say this not so you turn your backs on the Rams. I say this to simply advise you to temper your expectations. We must continue to be supportive for our new(old) team. But we must also understand that ugly losses like the one in Santa Clara will be more common than we'd like, and finishing the season .500 (at best!) is the status quo for now.

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