Demosthenes Spiropoulos

Locked... Dowwwwn in a Blaaaze of Glory!

July 14, 2020 - Volume 3, Issue 24

I was sitting on the floor, about to sort the laundry (a weekly occurrence). Stalling and in no real hurry to do the laundry, I scrolled through Instagram where I saw a post from someone I know saying "Recall Newsom." Gavin Newsom is the Governor of my home state of California. Due to Covid-19 rates going up, Newsom issued more or less a second lockdown notice in an attempt to curb the spread of the disease.

I've maintained a relatively quiet stance on political commentary (because people hate it when I call them out on their errors and they start to feel like fools). But apparently, I reached my limit, and the muse to write came upon me. So I proceeded to my political platform of choice (Facebook) and let fly with this gem. Enjoy.


Alright. Some real political talk (it's a long read).

We're back in a lockdown situation in California. Some have gotten real salty towards Governor Newsom for doing this (both times).

Fun fact: one of the primary responsibilities of a government executive is to protect his/her citizens.

Newsom saw numbers that said people were dying. As in DEAD. No hoax, no agendas. People were really leaving this mortal coil. He had to act. Lockdown 1 begins. And yes, we made progress.

But a portion of our population didn't like this. Masks were viewed as some sort of symbol of oppression. Articles online were sought out to validate their own worldview (and many, of dubious editorial integrity, were found), because why should they be inconvenienced to help their fellow man.

Nonetheless, most of us were willing to work together. Yes, it was hard. Yes, it was inconvenient. Yes, life had changed. Yet, it was working.

But the tantrums of the overly vocal minority of the "oppressed" finally got on the Governor's nerves, and he pulled the Ultimate Dad Move.

In essence, he said that if you think you can be big boys and girls, he'll let you go play outside. He was daring you to prove him wrong.

And you f*cking couldn't.

Numbers jumped. More people died. And all the good work we had done during the first lockdown was wasted.

So don't go blaming the Governor because you screwed the pooch here. You brought this on yourselves because you only care about yourselves. Even worse, your selfishness brought this on the rest of us.

One last thing. Before anyone pipes up with whatever fantastical ideas that this whole thing was set up to make the President look bad and ruin his re-election chances, consider this...

Lord Donald the Thin-Skinned was given a golden opportunity here, to improve both his image and political future. If he had led with compassion, guided policy with science and care, and honestly, got out of his own way, we could have beaten this thing (look at New Zealand, where sports are being played with fans in the stands). Even the leftists and liberals would have begrudgingly applauded his efforts to successfully save lives.

But from the get-go, he made this about him. And we're all suffering for it. But go ahead and be salty that you can't get a haircut again.

(before I go, if you agree with this rant, great, you understand my gripes. But if you think this message targets you, you really need to think why that is. Maybe re-evaluate a few things. Just saying.)


Admittedly, my audience is quite small on social media, but this post garnered a buckets of likes, well over a dozen shares, and a plethora of comments in the first 12 hours. I even had a friend, who's very right wing, tell me privately (and begrudgingly) that she could not find any faults with my assessment.

If I can be arrogant for a moment, this once again validates my belief that the world would be a much better place if everyone just listened to me. ;-) But seriously, wear a mask.

Thanks for visiting. Love, Demosthenes Spiropoulos