Demosthenes Spiropoulos

When a #tbt Needs a Backstory

September 28, 2017 - Volume 3, Issue 8

Everyone loves a good Throwback Thursday post. A funny picture or meme that recalls past glories. Slapping #tbt on a social media update is a nice little reminder that you've lived a good life.

Even though it's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes, actual words are needed. I can not think of a Throwback Thursday post that required a supplemental story, but this one... it definitely requires some context. If for nothing else than pure comedy.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this is only the second time in history that these photos have seen the light of day. The first time was part of a gag reel that was shown at an event staff dinner that I, regretfully, was unable to attend. But that was it. These have never remained in the vault until now. Seriously, for all my peeps, this is going to brand new to you.

Let's set the stage...

It was the summer of 2008, and I was working for Anime Expo as an on-air TV host. We would go around interviewing people and producing segments that aired throughout the convention. One of the meeting rooms at the Los Angeles Convention Center was being utilized as our combination green room/production planning room/video edit bay while the con was going on.

I can't remember the exact day of the expo it was, but in between shoots, I was in this room for a bit of a wardrobe change (I was just changing my shirt). Producer Phillip was sitting in the middle of the room, and for a laugh, whistled to me while I was topless (scandalous!) and waved a dollar. There were about 20 or so people in the room that let out a quick chuckle. That should have been the end of that, right?

Have we met?

No one is that room was prepared for happened next. I can guaran-damn-tee that Phillip was not.

While the dollar was still in his hand (he did have enough time to put it back in his pocket), Phillip was now witnessing a shirtless bear of man sprinting (and I was running) across the room to give him a...


You wanna play? We'll freaking play!

Despite being surrounded by dozens of video cameras, since this was completely spur of the moment, no one was ready to capture the magic on video. Fortunately, one of the photographers just happen to have his camera in his hand to snap some pics

As you can imagine, this Adonis body makes the ladies swoon.

Easier dollar I've ever made.

So there you have it, my first and only professional lap dance performance (I was paid, remember). And despite being retired from that career field, we'll always have the memories on this Throwback Thursday.

P.S. I look forward to these making the rounds again if I decide to run for office. That's ok. It's how I roll.